The Co-Op Living Tree Project

The Project

The Co-op Living Tree Project, designed by Greensboro master sculptor Jim Gallucci, is an ongoing fundraising project. Proceeds from the sale of leaves fund improvement projects for the store. Future projects include an electric car charging station for our customers.

Individually crafted leaves are available for sale and are a great way to contribute to the store’s future improvements. Each leaf, engraved with your name, will be created at the time of order by the artist and his team, and hung on the tree in perpetuity. Customized Living Tree leaves can be purchased at the register.

Purchase a Living Tree leaf:

  • Silver-toned - $75
  • Copper - $125
  • Bronze - $175

About The Tree

The Co-op Living Tree represents the store’s history, and through its construction and materials, the spirit of community. Versions of an oak or other type of tree have appeared in the Deep Roots Market logo since our beginning. The oak symbolizes the co-op’s growth from a small buying club into a vital downtown presence.

The Co-op Living Tree Project arose from a desire to incorporate Greensboro's vibrant creative arts community into our store, giving folks the opportunity to enjoy and interact with a local artist’s work. Long-time co-op owner and Greensboro master sculptor Jim Gallucci assembled the Co-op Living Tree to commemorate Deep Roots Market’s new growth and to unite the store with a significant part of Greensboro retail history. Gallucci used recycled and repurposed materials—including sections of stamped tin ceiling tiles salvaged from Greensboro’s last downtown grocery store, an A&P located at 221 Commerce Place that closed in 1973—to create the distinctive “bark” surface of the interior tree’s trunk. Gallucci’s inspired sculpture, and contributor’s leaves, unite past and present and root the cooperative in its new center-city home.